Update while overthinking

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So I went to the doctor this week. It has been 6 weeks since my surgery! I was released to exercise (as if!) or do whatever I felt comfortable doing. I still get easily fatigued which the doctor said was normal and will probably last another couple weeks.

This has been the hardest surgery I have had. It was difficult not doing anything and actually resting. I questioned my recovery process every step of the way. I have been super anxious and depressed. Then I heard the words from Joel Osteen “run your race.” 

So where does this take me? Several months ago I posted about the possibility of opening a restaurant that would employee special needs. Unfortunately, the person I was going to partner with was fraud. Miranda and I have considered moving forward but it is really difficult with her in school and the lack of finances.

So then I debated about doing something with kids – subbing or ministry. And honestly, I just don’t know how I would find the time with Rylee’s needs.

Which led me to starting a blog. It seemed much simpler than a book deal! So after several hour of research, I have purchased my domain and host site. We FINALLY decided on the name: Raising Rylee.

It was a family decision. I really wanted this blog to be a family thing. Even though I will be the one that will be posting, my material comes from family activities. We decided on this name because it is because of Rylee that our lives were changed and continually change. I have been debating on the tag line. Since the name is only associated to Rylee, the tag line must be tied to the family.

I liked “our not so normal life” and debated on something with “special” as a tagline. Ultimately, we decided with “everything happens for a reason”- as this is truly how I have gotten through so many challenges over the last 10 years.

Then there was the next struggled – the logo. I had a vision of RHR – the backwards R (for Raegan) next to an H (for Horak) connected to another R (for Rylee). The backwards R would represent Raegan not being here, the R’s for Raising Rylee but uniquely the initials form a butterfly. 

I will say this is the most difficult thing I have committed to. I am second guessing every aspect of this project. Typically when I have an idea I am already knee deep in the process before I admit my plan.

For some reason with this, ever decision seems so final. I have spent hours researching how to start a money making blog. I have pondered over the name and what is “fair” to the family. I have overthought every aspect of this new journey.

We are dying from overthinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap.”~ Anthony Hopkins