This is how our day will go…

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So this morning we are discussing the day and attempting to make a schedule. Let me set the scene…I am sitting in bed, Layne is standing next to me on the side of my bed, Miranda is sitting on the other side of me in bed and Chris is on the other side of Miranda on the opposite side of the bed from Layne.  Layne smarts off to me and Chris scolds him. Layne antagonizes him to which Chris threatens Layne “you better not treat your mom that way or I will fly across this bed – without skipping a beat Layne replies “BET! You can’t fly!”

There’s a brief silence as Chris ponders a response. Miranda and I are quietly chuckling while trying to keep a straight face. So Chris loudly slurps his coffee, Miranda and I turn our heads in his direction like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. And the laughter erupts….

Some would say this is disrespectful but honestly this is how we survive. We get things done – laughing and annoying each other the whole way through.