About Us

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Chris and I met at Yellow Rock Dance Hall in San Marcos, Texas. We had both just left long term relationships and refused to “get serious.”After “casual dating” each other off and on for about a year, I ended up pregnant with Miranda. We still refused to commit to one another. We co-parented for two years until one day in May, 2001 Chris decided he wanted to try a relationship. I agreed to try out the relationship but to my surprise, he moved in that night! We were engaged on November 10th and married February, 2002. A year later, I was pregnant with Layne. We thought our family was complete until April, 2007 when we were surprised to learn we were expecting twins – a girl and a boy. We decided to take a family trip to Amarillo, Texas in our RV for the 4th of July holiday prior to the twin’s birth. Our lives were forever changed when my uterus ruptured and I delivered the twins at 24 weeks on June 30, 2007.

Niccole – yep 2 c’s in my name – aka “Mom”

I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas until I moved to San Marcos for college. I began working in the legal field and ended up in New Braunfels. So I have always been a city girl. Somehow, I ended up in the country. This has been an adjustment for me. I have struggled with my career choices – usually falling into what comes easy for me but I always wanted to be a wife and mom.

Chris aka “Dad”

He was a gunsmith when we met. Now he is a welder. Honestly, he can do just about anything. He often takes over all the projects which typically annoys and relieves me at the same time. He takes care of his family by working endless hours. He loves to hunt and fish but rarely finds time for either.

Miranda – or MJ – the princess

She is 19 and a freshman at Tarleton State University. She is most like me. She is shy until you get to know her. She is stubborn and hard headed but capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. She doesn’t have much patience for Layne but she has all the patience in the world for Rylee. She is like her dad in that she is caring but can separate her feelings. She is studying Kinesiology and will no doubt make an excellent PT or OT.

Layne – or LH2 – the cowboy

Layne is 14 and the best and worst of Chris and me. He is so intelligent but refuses to use his knowledge. He doesn’t have to study to make good grades. He is the most caring and considerate person. He never goes to bed without telling me goodnight. I am envious of his ability to pray out loud. He has the most eloquent, natural prayers. He is strong as an ox. He plays football, is active with FFA and 4H and is almost always grounded from his phone! He will probably be a lawyer because he loves to argue.

Raegan – or RB – our angel

She is often represented by a butterfly. She was Rylee’s twin –  twin A. She weighed 1 lb 10 oz and was 24 weeks. After fighting to survive for nine days, her bowl ruptured. It was repaired but she went into renal failure and there wasn’t a catheter small enough for her. She only lived 11 days.

Rylee – or RP – our miracle

He was twin B. Born at 24 weeks, weighing 1 lb 14 oz., we were told he would be vegetative. He has multiple disabilities but those are just labels for the doctors. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalus at six months and required a VP shunt. He is declared legal blind, though we know he can see. He has cerebral palsy and requires an AFO to assist his walking. He is epileptic and therefore we opted for a hemispherectomy of the right lobe to stop the seizures. Yep – we elected to remove/disconnect our son’s brain! He is 10 years old. He is developmentally delayed but is walking, talking and dancing to any and all music. He loves game shows, the Voice, football and church.