Cha Cha, 11/2004-1/2018

Cha Cha, 11/2004-1/2018
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ChaCha was 13. She was a present Chris got me for my birthday when I refused to leave the Walmart parking lot without her. She was the runt of the litter. We didn’t need to spend money on a dog but Chris bought her anyway because I had always wanted a Chihuahua and had just lost Lily to a stroke.

ChaCha was the most loyal dog. Unlike other Chihuahuas, she was a family dog. When the kids were young, she would put each kid to bed and then come get in bed with Chris and I. When we brought Rylee home from the hospital, she guarded him while lying in our bed.

If I would play like I was spanking Layne or Miranda, she would lay across them and block my hand. She went on RV trips with us. She was the reason we called Chris Paris (Hilton). She helped me take Layne to school the last few weeks. She always wanted to be with us.

Recently, well she laid on my hip for the last 10 weeks. She was right beside me head on the pillow and tucked under the covers throughout the day and on my hip at night. Chris often wouldn’t go to bed if she wasn’t in bed with him.

She peed everywhere – well except for the tee tee pads. She would go outside and then come back  inside to pee. It was the most annoying thing.

Early this afternoon Chacha was breathing hard. I wasn’t too worried but Miranda sure was. A few hours later, ChaCha started breathing so loud that we could hear her. She often did that when she drank too fast or ate too much. So I was concerned but not upset by it. When she didn’t quit, I told Chris I was worried and he held her for a while prior to getting in the shower.

She was calm and didn’t breath loud. But as soon as he got in the shower, ChaCha stared roaming the house. I could tell she was uncomfortable. Layne was sitting with ChaCha and me in my room. He got worried by her movement and started to cry. I knew something wasn’t right and assumed she was having a stroke after all I had seen this with Lily.

I immediately sent Layne out of the room. I knew he couldn’t handle it. I called Miranda into the room. I told her I thought ChaCha was having a stroke. She started googling “dog strokes.” She didn’t have to – I was convinced but lost at what to do.

Chacha was disoriented and falling when she tried to walk. I tried to hold her and comfort her but she left my arms. She fell over and gave us her last pee (on Chris’ side of the bed naturally). I yelled for Chris to get out of the shower. I knew she only had a few minutes. He asked me to hold her while he got dressed but I just couldn’t. Miranda immediately stepped in and took her. She is just like her father. She was obviously upset but showed her strength.

Chris walked out of the room as I took to Facebook and calling vet offices. But when I requested Miranda contact a friend for advice, Chris said it was too late as Miranda hung her head. I lost it.

I tried to gather myself as I knew I had to tell Layne and I knew he wouldn’t take it well. Layne and I were blubbering idiots while Miranda and Chris stood stoic. Chris went to bury ChaCha with Boots and Miranda rushed to get her jacket on so she could help. Her strength amazes me.