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Niccole Horak

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My Story

In October, 2014 I attended a women’s conference at church. There was a large group of women in the room. Even though I knew several of the women in the room, my anxiety took over. My legs started to burn and itch. My breathing was labored. Bonnie Campbell was sitting next to me. When she noticed that something was wrong, she asked what she could do to help. I told her I needed a Xanax but left the at home. She told me she could give me a liquid Xanax but didn’t have the pill form. She handed e a bottle of Young Living’s Stress Away.

I placed a drop on each wrist and inhaled the scent a couple times. My anxiety started to subside. I was shocked. Never had I had something work so fast. I immediately ordered a bottle from Bonnie.

After using the oil for about a month, I wondered what else the oil would help with. At the same time, Layne was having problems focusing in school. So I started putting Cedarwood, Vetiver and Lavender on the back of his neck. It really helped him in school. So for my birthday I asked for the starter kit.

I don’t push the oil on anyone but I do brag about them – often. I remember one night at Bunco where Amy and I were going on and on about the new oils we had tried. Kristi was skeptical and was quite annoyed with us. So Kristi started asking me several questions. She and I spent about an hour discussing how the oils had improved my life.

She decided she wanted to try the oils. So I gave her the information I had and she began to research the oils. Like me after she researched the oils, she decided it was best to order a starter kit (after all it is the best value). At the time, Kristi had been on prescription medicine for about 18 years. Within two weeks of using the oils, Kristi was able to ween herself off the medicines.

Since then I too have become medicine free. In addition, I have resolved canker sores within a few hours, Miranda’s strep throat in two days and have resolved my sleepless nights along with lots of aches and pains.

Now my first choice is to resolve our issues with oils. Does this mean that we don’t go to the doctor? No. Does this mean that we don’t take prescribed medicine? No. But my first choice is oils.

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