The forgotten kid – middle child syndrome

The forgotten kid – middle child syndrome
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Layne and I ran into town to grab a free chick fil a biscuit before he headed to Kerrville with the ag teacher for the show.

I often try to find ways to spend individual time with him. We can’t afford to go on expensive adventures. I feel bad when I spend money from the account to do something for one family member without including the others. So I often find creative ways to have one on one time with Layne.

I don’t think Layne is neglected by any means. I don’t think he thinks he is neglected either. I am sure he feels he needs extra attention because he is sensitive and needs reassuring and let’s not forget he is a kid. He is sandwiched between two kids – a first born daughter and a child that is special needs.

This doesn’t mean he is neglected but it may result in less attention due to my time being spread between all the kids – my extremely active kids.┬áSo we began joking he was the forgotten one. As a result, he probably gets more quality time with me now. He calls this time dates.

What do you do to make your “forgotten one” feel important?