New Year – New Start – I mean Blog!

New Year – New Start – I mean Blog!
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I remember in my younger “party days” I would spend weeks planning for New Year’s Eve. I would search for the perfect outfit, make plans of where I would celebrate the event and then strategically arrange my midnight placement so that I could get that midnight kiss.

Last night was pretty different…Layne, who had stayed up working on the goat and lamb pens most of the night the night before, slept the entire day. Miranda who since attending college now naps most of the day, had a migraine and slept all afternoon and evening after assisting me with some organization. Rylee who was insistent that Miranda not sleep by screaming “wake up! MIRANDA – get up!!” finally gave in about 8:30 p.m. when he demanded bed. And Chris well about 10:30 p.m. he laid down to “nap” before the new year. Me, well I was in my pajama shirt working on this blog.

Ten seconds prior to midnight, Layne came running into my room screaming “Happy New Year!” We attempted to wake up Chris but he refused to celebrate with us. Layne complained how boring we were and then went back to bed. One minute after midnight, we were done and back to our “normal” activities. Chris continued to snore, as I continued to figure out WordPress. I finally retired to bed about 6 a.m., after I launched the blog.

I slept until noon – a solid 6 hours – before being woke up by Rylee kissing me and screaming “Happy New Year!”